Cruise Line of the Year

Cruise Line of the Year

U.S. News & World simply released their first time yearly positions for the world’s best cruise lines.

After evaluating 169 ships and 17 cruise lines, they broke the winners down by six groups: the Very Best Cruise Lines for the Money, Families and Couples, in Addition to the Very Best Luxury Cruise Lines and also the Ideal Cruise Lines of the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Viking, Celebrity, along with Seabourn were ranked one of the best three for the majority of the six categories, therefore travelers who do not easily fit in a single category or simply want to have an over all fantastic cruise might consider these.

To find the maximum bang for the buck, U.S. News & World picked Celebrity Cruise Line. Couples are happy with Viking Ocean Cruises, based on the list.

To determine the positions, U.S. News & World Report considered professional ratings of each cruise line’s ship caliber, health tests, reputations one of the travelers, price category, and itinerary supplies.

Costa Cruises ranked close to the bottom among all those categories.

Disney Cruise Line took place for the Best Cruise Lines for Families as well as the Ideal Cruise Lines of the Caribbean, although Seabourn Cruise Line won the Greatest Luxury Cruise Line and the Ideal Cruise of the Mediterranean.

Royal Caribbean Cruises came in 2nd at the Money and Families categories, while Azmara Club Cruises came in third to the Couples along with Mediterranean categories.

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