The expedition cruises

The expedition cruises

Imitate the members of the first expeditions to Antarctica, to live with whales and other large marine animals, sail among glaciers or attend the spectacle offered by the northern lights are some of the tasks that can only live on board of adventure cruises .

The cruise boom is an unquestionable reality.

There are options for lovers of photography, to go around the world, ultra-luxury, river cruises and others that are gigantic resorts.

Closer to the adventure and artistic shows, casino, overflowing buffets, urban scales or innumerable options of restaurants, swimming pools and jacuzzis, are the expedition cruises.

Where the cruise can not reach

Those who opt for this type of proposal do not look for superior cabins, a large selection of larger restaurants, the most exclusive amenities or the best spa treatments.

Its attraction is found in the almost virgin corners, hidden places where others can not reach, and accompanied by a group of professionals that include biologists, geologists, naturalists or historians, among others, who give lectures and help to achieve knowledge deep of each destination.

“The client is looking, increasingly, for an experience trip”, says the general director of Viajes EV and the official representative of hurtigruten in Spain and Portugal, Àlex Pàmies. “We navigate the places with which the traveler has always dreamed and what that distinguishes the expedition cruises with other companies from shipping companies, “he adds.

The boats that are used for these routes are also different, since they require characteristics in terms of size, tonnage and hull design, among others, that will allow them to access the most remote places. In the case of Hurtigruten, their offer includes Norway, Antarctica, Greenland, Northwest Passage, Canada and Spitsbergen, all of them “unique destinations in themselves, where the guest looks at wildlife in freedom and breathes peace and tranquility in the region”,

Adds Pàmies.32 new ships on the move The boom experienced by the expedition cruises has a clear reflection: the number of new ships that the shipping companies order from the shipyards. And the figure guarantees the good performance of the sector, with 32 deliveries scheduled until 2022.

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